How We Add Value

You are ready to build. Are you ready to raise money?

By Teresa Midthun, Senior Consultant Recently, a community…

I thought "all publicity was good publicity!”… Not necessarily

By Kim Koch, Consultant Every nonprofit competing for donor…

An Unlikely Success - Lead Gifts Inspire

When an all-volunteer group told us they wanted to build a new $10 million YMCA in a community of just 7,500 people, we knew we had our work cut out for us. 

Is it possible to test the wrong amount in your feasibility study?

When a small group of conservation advocates told us they wanted to build a special exploration center, we thought: so far, so good.  When they told us it would cost $68 million, our eyes grew wide and we privately gasped.

We Could Count our Lead Gift Prospects on One Hand!

It is a scary truth that most significant fundraising efforts depend on at least a few larger or major gifts in order to reach their goal. This is often the element that scares fundraisers the most – will they have enough major donors to make a multi-million-dollar fundraising effort possible?

Are you sure you want to hear if your campaign will succeed?

When a small conservation and environmental education organization asked us to help them raise $5 million for a new education center, we asked them if they had considered a feasibility study.

How a State Governor helped us build our Campaign Cabinet from the top down

We were once called in to direct an urgent capital campaign by a faith-based organization whose roof was failing.  Rainwater was pouring in, causing serious and expensive cosmetic and structural damage.  They needed $6 million.  Time was of the essence.