A capital campaign is a common and cost effective strategy for raising large sums of money for special projects, such as constructing new buildings, facility renovations and expansions, as well as endowment growth, that are not generally part of the overall operational budget.

Our SmartRaise® formula for helping non-profits raise millions of dollars is based on Process, Discipline and Capacity. We lead your team through the campaign (Process), we keep everyone focused on high-impact activity (Discipline) and our team helps your team complete everything that needs doing (Capacity).

With our SmartRaise® Capital Campaigns you can…

  • Raise Millions, even tens-of-millions of dollars from donors
  • Build, buy or renotave and expand for a new state-of-the-art facility
  • Double or triple your impact with the right-sized facilities
  • Achieve the mission outcomes you’ve been dreaming of