Capital Campaigns

A Capital Campaign is the most common strategy for raising large sums of money intended for specific projects that are not a part of the overall operational budget. Capital campaigns, when conducted properly, have the potential to energize an organization, rallying staff, volunteers and stakeholders in the mission anew, building ownership and fine-tuning operational strategies. Whether operating with a campaign goal of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to millions, tens-of-millions or hundreds-of-millions of dollars, McDonald Schaefer can help organizations test, prepare and manage successful campaigns.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are key to answering questions about your organization’s readiness for major fundraising: is there influential campaign leadership available; do you have enough major donor prospects; is your case for support compelling; do you have the infrastructure to support the demands of a campaign? McDonald Schaefer is experienced in all facets of feasibility studies, including planning the study; interviewing potential donors and leaders who may have interest in your project; and conducting analysis to develop recommendations for the campaign that follows. A good feasibility study will dramatically improve the probability of success for your capital campaign.


Campaign Planning

Campaign planning is critical to ensuring you get off on the right foot, setting an achievable goal, recruiting capable leadership, developing a compelling case for support and setting strategies to reach your donors.


Campaign Management

Campaign management can be a daunting process. Because of the sensitive nature of asking for large gifts, the number of people involved and the intense level of activity, a campaign is time consuming and requires myriad skills and attention to detail. Campaign management is one of McDonald Schaefer’s core services: we are uniquely skilled in planning, directing and managing capital campaigns and know that a campaign’s success depends on four primary factors:

  1. The project
  2. Volunteer leadership
  3. Major donor prospects
  4. The campaign office 


We focus on these four key variables while planning and directing the campaign. Over years of managing successful capital campaigns, we have developed a proprietary and comprehensive campaign management system called TABS© (Task Assurance Benchmarking System). TABS© integrates several innovative tools we have designed for effective campaign management. We will apply TABS© to your campaign, adapt it to your unique circumstances, calibrate it to your desired timeframe and then apply the system’s full potential to reach mutually determined benchmarks that keep the campaign on track and staff and volunteers on task, and ultimately give your organization the highest probability for success.