Capacity Building

No matter its size, managing a nonprofit organization is a complex business. As concerns about accountability and efficiency increase, it is becoming more critical than ever for nonprofits to be capable of raising and stewarding funds; implementing and measuring the impact of programs; and communicating effectively with key stakeholders. McDonald Schaefer has proven methods, tailored for each individual client, that can help you plan and implement structural and organizational improvements that will increase the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s management and ultimately empower you to achieve sustainable and mission-based organizational growth.

Board Development

Board members serve a critical governance role for nonprofits by ensuring the organization operates in accordance with its bylaws and mission. They also strengthen the financial vitality of the nonprofit by personally making gifts and helping secure contributions from others. McDonald Schaefer will assess your current board effectiveness and recommend ways to improve it by reviewing governing bylaws; committee structure; term limits; board evaluation processes; board handbook, orientation materials; and board communications plans. We can also help expand the board by defining the ideal profile of new board members; identifying and evaluating candidates in a profile matrix; cultivating candidates; recruiting new members; and effectively orienting them to serve well in their new role.


A strong board will directly impact your organization’s capacity for improved fund development. We can help your board better understand and improve its fund development role.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning enables an organization’s board and staff to set a course for the future, encouraging you to think ahead to where you would like to be, rather than reacting to your current circumstances. The strategic plan is the key foundation upon which all other decisions are made. Certainly, it is the guide to determining funding priorities. Annual and longer-term goals and objectives are written to fulfill the plan. It is helpful to have a third-party consultant facilitate strategic planning, bringing tools to guide the process and keeping the discussion focused on an end result.


Talent Management

Among a nonprofit’s most valuable resources are its people.  McDonald Schaefer’s Talent Management services help organizations focus on the exceptionally important topic of staff and their vital role in helping nonprofits fulfill their mission.  Through our Talent Management services, we can help your organization find, attract, hire, onboard, train, and retain quality candidates that help you build high-performing teams.


Prospect Research and Analytics

McDonald Schaefer is able to conduct in-depth, individual, foundation and corporate prospect profiles to support your organization’s fundraising and development initiatives. We partner with leading industry resources to provide our clients with guidance in the prioritization of prospects; identification of new potential donors; analysis of past donor behavior, giving histories and portfolios; and analytic forecasting of potential gift revenue.